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What's New!

01/07/2008 - Update: Global Media Canada launches Global Media Productions. With a transition into professional video and new multimedia content. Global Media Productions is in the works of creating a new way of producing video content by way of short films and video productions. Global Media Productions is set to film their first ever short film. Although shot on digital tape rather than film, this will be one of our first calling card feature productions. More information can be found on the website.






01/23/2006 - Update: Global Media Canada has been really busy over the past year working with new technology and developing new services. It is in our best interest to bring these updates to you, but do to the wealth of projects we are working on, it's hard to keep everything up to date. If you have any questions on any of the projects or services we offer or work on. Please feel free to contact us at anytime.




05/21/2004 - Global Media Canada launches http://auctions.globalmedia.ca to auction goods at great prices through Ebay.


02/23/2004 - Global Media Canada attends Winterlude 2004 three weeks in a row to be showcased on Global Media Ottawa.


02/23/2004 - Global Media Canada launches http://ottawa.globalmedia.ca to showcase local events in the NRC.


01/15/2004 - Global Media Canada officially launches http://www.globalmedia.ca website for public access and viewing.













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